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Michelle // GOONER FOR LIFE.
7 September
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Oh, hello there. I'm Michelle, though those that know me best call me Chelle, and I'm 22. That's me in the photo, the crazy little Gooner girl decked out in her Arsenal FC kit outside the mighty Emirates stadium. The one who looks drunk. Yeah, that's me. I ALWAYS look drunk in photos. I don't quite know why.

Here's some other stuff you might like to know:

I'm a born and bred Londoner (well, Middlesexian, to put it bluntly) and I'm damn proud of it. Go on, diss my accent all you like. It's cool saying 'barrrth' and 'larrrf'. To put it another way, Northerners speak funny and the Londoners are the coolest people ever, so shame on you if you come from up North.

I've just finished the first year of a Media degree at Essex University Southend Campus, having quit my Music Technology degree because of the tutors being prats, and it's been AMAZING. I've wanted to work in Media for as long as I can remember and being part of it is a wonderful experience. I want to be a Media reporter when I graduate but it's not looking too promising at this stage.

Going to university and moving out of Middlesex is the best decision I've ever made. I'm having the time of my life in Southend and I never want to leave. It's perfect for going to the beach and relaxing on the sand. You don't get that in Middlesex. Life there is BORING and people are always jumping in front of trains at the train station near where used to live.

My life revolves around Arsenal Football Club. I'm not a season ticket holder but I go to many home games throughout the Premiership season when I'm not busy. I also support Southend United FC. Go ahead and diss them all you want, just make sure I'm not in earshot or I might have to kill you.

I like lots of stuff that aren't drinking, karaoke, football and the love of my life, Danny the Chelsea supporter (AAAAAARGH), although they take up most of my time. See the blue interests list below for more information, don't pass GO and don't collect £200 on your way out.

Thank you for listening. NOW GET BACK TO WORK, LOSERS!!