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  • 15th Apr, 2008 at 12:08 PM
Random // London Underground map.

Woah, I think my poor little journal's been neglected for quite some time, so I'll plod along nicely and give you an update on my life, the universe and everything so far.

Well, Danny and I have set a date for our wedding. It's going to be a June wedding and, despite pleas of him asking for a BLUE wedding (he's a Chelsea supporter), I'm wearing white and my bridesmaids will be wearing red, which basically means he's got to and he's got no choice. My best mates, Lindsay and Laura, have asked me if they can wear claret-coloured dresses (they're West Ham supporters) but, again, I put my foot down. It's red and white, with an Arsenal theme, and nothing's going to change that no matter how much Danny, Lindsay and Laura beg and plead.

Oh, and since my last entry, I've had a broken ankle after being blown off the sea-front wall in Southend, suffered a miscarriage and found out I was still pregnant after my fall. I'd basically been carrying twins, but lost one about two days before being blown off that damn wall. I wasn't impressed with the electrical people at uni, either, as the lift kept breaking down when I had a broken ankle, so Danny had to come down the stairs and carry me to my tutorial. Why they couldn't let me do my work in the library on the ground floor is anyone's guess. My baby is due in June, which should be fun as it's due around the time I'm getting married, and I can feel the baby kicking for Arsenal in my tummy as I type this.

Talking of Arsenal, I travelled all the way to Manchester the other day to see us slump to a 2-1 defeat to Manchester United, which leaves us out of the Premier League title race. Now that's what I CALL commitment. I hope Manchester United go on to win it as I can't stand Chelsea. As an Arsenal supporter, I was born to hate every other London-based team, but Lindsay and Laura made me swear alliegience to West Ham United a couple of years ago. I hate Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, Charlton Athletic, Fulham and every other London-based team, though, no matter what Danny says. 

Anyway, I'll sign off now as I've got to get to a lecture, so I'll try and write another entry when I can be bothered to give you all an update on my pregnancy, birth and wedding. Until then, adios!

Chelle xx


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